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VirtualMD for Pharmacies

Who We Are

VirtualMD is a FREE virtual walk-in clinic with a team of Family Doctors and now has more than 12 specialists.

All of our doctors are able to fax prescriptions directly to your Pharmacy and are also able to send your patients referrals, test requisitions and sick notes.

Many pharmacies that we have teamed up with across the province have set up counselling rooms. The patient can go in the room and call 1-800-594-0537 and advise the operator that they are at your pharmacy. We will then connect your patient with a doctor within a few short minutes. This is a big added value for your patients and we can get them a new prescription or refill and a medical consultation immediately.

Patients can also book appointments from home by calling our phone number or booking online at anytime from their homes.

The phone service is available 7 days a week, from 9 am to 8 pm. We also have a live chat on the website where they can chat with a virtual assistant.

Marketing Materials

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